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Which Vehicles Benefit the Best from a Remanufactured Transmission Replacement?

The reliability and efficiency of your car naturally become an issue of concern as the car ages. A racked-up mileage puts you at risk of unplanned expenses. Many modern car models can run up to 200,000 miles using factory manufactured engines with regular maintenance. However, some models may experience significant breakdowns. The breakdowns are likely to affect the vehicle’s transmission than any other part.

Any car owner fears transmission-related problems because the cost can be worth an arm and a leg. When the problem occurs, you may either be required to consider taking the transmission for remanufacturing or replacing it. Remanufacturing involves fixing and changing the transmission’s damaged parts. For replacement, you may be required to get a new transmission. Replacement is ideal for disastrous transmission malfunction.

Cars likely to Benefit from Remanufactured and Rebuilt Transmissions

A number of car models stand out for the interval at which their transmission may need replacement. Fortunately, for many car owners, the cost can be covered under the warranty policies. To simplify matters, we have compiled a collection of car models that might benefit from transmission remanufacturing or rebuild due to having failure prone transmissions from the factory. Some of them include the: Pontiac Grand Prix, Dodge Caravan, Toyota Sienna, and Nissan Pathfinder.

Pontiac Grand Prix

The Pontiac Grand Prix has a supercharged V8 transmission model. However, this doesn’t rule out common transmission troubles. The main Pontiac Grand Prix transmission troubles include leaking fluid, burning smell, gears slipping, failed gear shifts, and more. If you notice these problems, choose not to continue driving. Driving with the transmission problem may damage its other expensive parts. Averagely, a Pontiac Grand Prix transmission can last for up to 180,000 miles under regular maintenance. However, an exclusive remanufactured transmission can be reasonably durable. The remanufacturing process will involve installing new parts in the transmission. Notably, the process must be done by a highly trained and experienced expert.

Dodge Caravan

If your Dodge Caravan is experiencing noise or grinding problems while shifting gears, delayed gear shifts, strange burning smell, and fluid leaks, the transmission could be having a problem. You will need a vehicle diagnostic expert to ascertain the problem. Normally, a Dodge Caravan transmission should be replaced after every 120,000 miles. A simple solution could be seeking transmission remanufacturing or rebuild services. The transmission process might be pricey, but worth it. Having the latest Dodge Caravan transmission assembled and done by an expert technician can save you a fortune over time. Moreover, a remanufactured transmission comes with a dealer’s warranty.

Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is among the most positively reviewed minivans. This could be because of its spacious ability among other great features. Contrary, a major drawback of the Sienna is the transmission. Many users globally have reported transmission-related problems, especially with the 2004 to 2017 models. The average transmission mileage for Toyota Sienna is 63,000. This is far lower than the average transmission mileages of other automobiles that go up to 180,000 miles. The problem of transmission in this model can be fixed by remanufacturing or rebuilding. An excellently done remanufactured transmission can last longer compared to most dealer transmissions.

Nissan Pathfinder

Several Nissan models are notable for often transmission crashes. Among them is the Nissan Pathfinder. There have been numerous reported cases of 2012-2015 Pathfinder models that broke down their transmissions Nissan Dealers’ transmissions may need regular repair and maintenance, which can be costly. If your Nissan Pathfinder has unending transmission failures, you may need to consider a transmission rebuild or remanufactured. The mileage of a perfectly rebuilt transmission may supersede that of the car manufacturer with regular maintenance.


Transmission breakdowns can cause inconveniences, such as fluid leaks, overheating, and stiff gear. If ignored, the issues might ground your car. While there are cars equipped with the best transmissions by the manufacturer, others like Pontiac Grand Prix, Dodge Caravan, Toyota Sienna, and Nissan Pathfinder may need an improvement through remanufacturing and rebuilding. The process might be costly but worth every penny.