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How To Take Care of Your Newly Tinted Car Windows?

Car window tinting is the most excellent investment you can make for your car. Not only it adds luxury to your car and makes it look amazing, but it also adds security and privacy. But to have the most of your car window tinting investment, you need to protect it. 

Car window tint is generally applied to the inside of the glass. Therefore, it remains shielded from road debris and other damaging elements. But if you want your car window tint to last longer, you need to know some tips and tricks.

Remember that you have by now spent to tint your car windows, so taking care of them is indispensable. Take a few minutes to learn about some aftercare tips for your window tint.

How To Clean Your Windows After Tinting?

Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to clean your car windows after tinting. But, even if you follow some essential tips and guidelines, you will successfully protect your window tint from scratching, bubbling, fading, and peeling.

Choose The Right Cleaning Solution: This is the most crucial part while cleaning your car window after tinting. If you use the wrong chemicals, your window tint film can quickly get damaged. Unfortunately, many car owners use harsh window cleaners to clean off their car windows. But once you have tinted your car windows, you need to stop doing that. Harsh cleaning solutions can be detrimental to your film. For best results, you must prefer using window cleaners specially formulated for automotive window tint film.

Use Two Soft Towels for Cleaning: Ever wondered what the secret of professional auto detailers is? It is the use of two different towels for two different purposes. You can use microfiber towels to wipe down the window and another towel to clean any remaining cleaner stains. This method will make sure that you get a stain-free finish. In addition, microfiber towels protect your car window tint against scrapes. If you have been using any rough fiber or regular cotton towels, stop doing so if you have tinted your car windows.

Wipe Both Sides of The Window: While switching to the second microfiber towel, don't forget to wipe the outside of the window horizontally and the inside of the window vertically. This way, you can clean any spot or streak, and you will also know whether it's on the outside or inside the glass.

How To Protect Your Car Window Tint from Tearing?

Standard films generally last about five years, while high-end window films can last till 10 years. Carbon and ceramic tint films are long-lasting, and they often come with a lifetime warranty. Regardless of the type of window tint you have chosen for your car, you need to be careful if you want it to stay in its best condition. Follow these simple steps to protect your car window tint from tearing down:

  • Never use ammonia-based cleaners to clean your windows.
  • Always be prompt and clean bird droppings, tree sap, and other damaging substances.
  • Avoid using paper or cotton towels to clean your window.
  • Be careful while wearing your seat belt on and off. Flinging your seat belt can cause scratching the film.

If you had just tinted your car windows or planning to get it done soon, these maintenance tips would help you keep it protected. If you want to upgrade your tinted windows or want to get your car windows tinted for the first time, check Car Toys window tinting. Visit our website or call us to get a free quote on window tint installation. To learn more about the tint brands we carry, talk to an expert today.