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Eunisell enlightens lubricant dealers on automotive, industrial fluids
EUNISELL Limited has urged motorists and other users to use high quality lubricants to prolong the lifespan of their equipment. The company made the call at its programme with the theme: “Advances and Trends in Automotive, Transmission, and Industrial ...

End of the road for the auto industry? Yes and no
The closure of General Motors Holden (GMH) and the collapse of a significant part of its supply chain mark the end of the Australian automotive manufacturing industry. We might still make automotive parts but we won't make cars, at least not for the ...

Could JLR acquire another brand?
There are rumours that Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and its parent, Tata Motors, are considering acquiring other brands and capabilities as JLR looks to address increased competition in the auto industry. Bloomberg reports that cash-rich Tata is encouraging ...

Private equity firm buys transmission specialist Xtrac
UK private equity firm Inflexion said funds it manages have agreed to buy out high performance transmission specialist Xtrac which supplies the motor sport and automotive industries. Xtrac supplies most of the world's top motorsport teams worldwide in ...

Novares opens first Romanian production plant
Novares has opened its first Romanian plant near Pitesti, producing automotive components using plastic injection techniques, days after rebranding from Mecaplast-Key. The Group has established itself in Romania to be close to its main customer, Dacia ...

Panasonic to start mass production of electronic rear-view mirrors
Their ties strengthened in July this year when Ficosa became a consolidated subsidiary of Panasonic and a business division of its Automotive and Industrial Systems Company. Now, the electronic rear-view mirror integrating Ficosa's mirror technology ...

There's an unexpected link between boosting car sales in Africa and UN sustainability goals
The report lists some of the SDGs that are relevant to the automobile industry in Africa and identifies how car makers can do business while operating in line with these goals. To promote good health and well being, one of the listed SDGs, car makers ...

Mexico's unshakable auto industry
"The majority of the auto-parts industries established in Mexico came after the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement 23 years ago, and there were already more robust construction standards as a result of the earthquake 32 years ago," said ...

TASS: Business & Economy - Russia's automotive industry to see 10 ...
TASS: Business & Economy - Russia's automotive industry to see 10 ...

Five billion-dollar businesses for the driverless future
As part of this shift, the industry is transitioning from per-vehicle to per-mile economics. Historically, the automotive industry has been measured by how quickly it assembles cars, pushes them to customers, lends money against them, and collects ...

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The Importance of Cleaning Car Windows Properly

Keeping your car windows clean can help make for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. Dirty windows have the potential to cause dangerous driving situations that can endanger you and your loved ones. The best time to clean your car windows is when you aren't driving. If you're out driving your car in traffic and you realize that your windows are too dirty, it may be difficult to... [Continue Reading]

5 Signs It Is Time to Get Your Brakes Checked by a Professional

Can you tell when your car’s brakes need repair or replacement? Many car owners, especially new car owners tend to have limited knowledge concerning car brakes. Being one of the most significant features in your car, maintenance or servicing your car brakes is something you cannot afford to ignore. It is therefore crucial to identify some of the red flags that could mean your car... [Continue Reading]

Carbon Fiber – Adding Strength, Speed, and Style to Luxury Cars

Because of its strength, lightweight, and resilience, carbon fiber is being used more and more in different industries. It’s no surprise that a material this sleek and strong has found its way in the world of luxury cars. In this infographic, we show how carbon fiber has been integrated with high-end vehicles and provide tips on how to take proper care of the material. Carbon fiber and... [Continue Reading]

The Best 2017 Ford Vehicles

Ford Motor Company has been really strong around the world ever since 1903. 2017 is no different. It offers so many great trucks, cars and SUVs, most of them being really popular, especially in the USA. There are so many great models out there that it is really hard to decide exactly what the very best Ford vehicle is. However, those below are definitely some that have to be considered. 2017... [Continue Reading]

How Can You Choose A Perfect Bike Rack?

Buying the first bike rack is definitely a really important decision. There are so many available right now and the best choice is the one that is perfectly suited for you. Reading online guides does help but you have to remember that the choice is subjective. You can read the tips mentioned below to help you out but if the bike rack that seems to be the best for everyone is not good for you,... [Continue Reading]

7 Most Common Mistakes When Hiring Movers for Relocating to Florida

Many people make mistakes when hiring movers in Florida which can result in waste of money and time. Making proper preparations can prevent unnecessary surcharges and stresses from the moving process. You should start planning as soon as you hire the movers so that the moving process will be smooth when the movers arrive. The following are the 7 most common mistakes that people make when... [Continue Reading]

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