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Sanjeev Gupta looks to manufacture electric vehicles in Australia
He has been lauded as the saviour of the British steel industry. Now UK industrialist Sanjeev Gupta has set his sights on reviving another supposedly dying industry — car manufacturing in Australia. On Monday the South Australian government revealed ...

IACMI Winter Meeting Highlights the State of Composites in Automotive
From Jan. 16-18, The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI), a 150+ member consortium committed to increasing domestic production capacity and manufacturing jobs across the U.S. composites industry, held its winter members ...

Electric car plans spark showdown
Petrol and diesel SUVs overtook passenger vehicles last year as Australians' cars of choice, hitting more than 465,000 in sales. The car industry said if the government wanted to counter this trend and increase the number of electric vehicles on the ...

British billionaire eyes electric car plan for former Holden factory ...
British billionaire eyes electric car plan for former Holden factory ...

A dynamite auto industry year
The past year, 2017, was another dynamite year for the automotive industry. While sales were not at the same level as 2016, they were robust and healthy. New light vehicle sales for 2017 totaled 17.25 million versus 17.55 million in 2016, a decline of ...

As Cars Go Robo, Their Makers Find New Partners
But at the Detroit Auto Show just a week later—which is still about cars, not all this mobility stuff—Mercedes didn't unveil the newest, brashest G-Class in conjunction with its exhaust supplier. Dodge didn't team up with a construction company to ...

Three game-changers in the Automotive industry in 2018
New data-driven services, strong light-weight materials and a rapidly built out infrastructure for EVs (Electric Vehicles) are trends impacting the automotive industry throughout 2018. Stefan Issing, the Global Industry Director for Automotive at IFS ...

Auto industry engaged in designing hydrogen fueled cars, even with few models and stations beyond West Coast
Toyota, which has worked on hydrogen technology for an industry best 23 years, began selling the Mirai in Japan in late 2014 and in California in October 2015 -- the first hydrogen-powered car sold in the U.S. Toyota plans to sell 30,000 a year ...

Analysis | Here are some of the key takeaways from the Detroit auto show
The auto industry is undergoing the most upheaval since the advent of Henry Ford's assembly line. The changes were as evident as the meteor and sonic boom that rattled the frigid city of Detroit this week. The rise of autonomy and electrification and ...

This CEO Is Racing to Be at the Forefront of the Auto Industry's Future
Car lovers will see a vast array of shiny new SUVs, trucks, and luxury cars at the Detroit Auto Show this week. And there will be plenty of talk about the new gadgets coming down the road. Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi ...

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The Importance of Having Your Car Serviced Regularly

When you first buy a new car, the chances are that you have every intention of keeping the vehicle in ship shape through regular cleaning, regular services, and lots of TLC. However, for many people all of these intentions seem to disappear out of the window as the novelty of having a new car starts to wear off. When it comes to servicing, some people simply decide that they cannot afford to... [Continue Reading]

The World Follows US Lead with Smart Card Enhanced Drivers Licenses

If a technology is worth using, you can be sure that the USA will take the lead in its adoption, and that’s certainly true of RFID smart cards. It’s been nearly a decade since the state of New York issued the country’s first smart card drivers’ license and, since then, they’ve been launched all over the world. From Canada to Kenya, smart card technology is now... [Continue Reading]

Gas is a Goner:  3 Reasons Electric Go Karts are Gaining More Popularity

Indeed, time has changed, and kids now play with things that their parents never owned in past. The conventional bicycle has been substituted with the go kart which is currently more popular than it was years back. Among kids, the go kart has been used to race in various parts of the country. Here are some reasons why go karts are becoming more popular than ever. It offers a wonderful... [Continue Reading]

6 Signs it is Time to Get a New Car

If you are like me, then you hold onto your car for what seems like forever. After all, is it largely a tool – through an expensive one – and while you could trade it in earlier, it’s better to save the payments. However, this also means that your car, or truck, might not be roadworthy and this could come back to bite you if you happen to have a truck accident injury. While... [Continue Reading]

Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

With winter now around the corner, it has become increasingly important for motorists to get their vehicle ready for the colder weather. In the winter, vehicles are put through a lot of strain and it is at this time of year that breakdowns and accidents are at their highest. By making sure you prepare yourself and your vehicle, you can minimize on the risk of this happening. There are a... [Continue Reading]

The Importance of Cleaning Car Windows Properly

Keeping your car windows clean can help make for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. Dirty windows have the potential to cause dangerous driving situations that can endanger you and your loved ones. The best time to clean your car windows is when you aren't driving. If you're out driving your car in traffic and you realize that your windows are too dirty, it may be difficult to... [Continue Reading]

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