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Voith Composites focuses on continued growth in the automotive industry
“We have ambitious growth targets, and together with additional customers in the automotive industry we want to increase our CFRP production.” The unique characteristics of the Industry 4.0 production facility include a Voith-patented direct fiber ...

Intelligent Mobility and the Evolution of the Automotive Marketplace
The automotive industry is no exception: semi-autonomous driving dominates technological innovation each year, and projections reveal a persistent march toward completely autonomous vehicles over the next few years. As the automotive industry ...

SMMT hails UK auto sector dynamism in Paris
The UK auto industry's trade association, the SMMT, has hailed the sector's dynamism and contribution to the UK economy, in an event at the Eiffel Tower ahead of the Paris Motor Show. Eight of the UK's major car brands were present at the Eiffel Tower ...

Copper, platinum key to future of auto industry, mining financier says
The current lithium frenzy will end badly while gold bugs should look at the riper opportunities available in copper and platinum, according to mining financier Robert Friedland. In a sprawling, exuberant and at times politically incorrect speech at ...

Eve of Disruption: How the Auto Industry Is Remaking Itself
Although the U.S. automotive industry saw record sales in 2016, the mood of its leaders right now is low-key, even a bit anguished. Gains that OEMs made after the Great Recession have slowed to a near-halt, with predicted sales for 2016 hovering around ...

Golf icon Arnold Palmer also was an auto industry player
Golf legend Arnold Palmer took many of his business endeavors into the automotive industry, endorsing his beloved Cadillac and longtime partner Hertz Corp. as well as owning six General Motors and Ford Motor Co. dealerships in five states. Palmer, who ... Releases Automotive Industry Counseling Kit
The automotive industry has changed at a blistering pace in the last few decades and automotive service and collision repair professionals are in high demand to maintain today's high-tech cars. Minnesota Careers in Automotive Repair and Service ...

Global firms form cross-industry 5G Automotive Association
“For the automotive industry, it is essential that 5G fulfils the challenges of the era of digitalisation and autonomous driving. With the 5G Automotive Association we founded a cross-industry forum that allows us to shape the future 5G technology with ...

Auto industry once boomed in Indiana
BROOKVILLE – "You're probably wondering why you're at an automotive program listening to a girl," Carol Morton told attendees during the Sept. 21 Hooked on History program "Mileposts in Indiana Automotive History." However, she quickly explained by ...

Here unveils latest real-time data services for automotive industry
Location mapping specialist Here is to introduce new vehicle-sourced data services for the auto industry, enabling drivers to access this view of the road through four services that provide information on traffic conditions, potential road hazards ...

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Most Common Transmission Problems

Many know that a car's transmission is crucial to the workings of an automobile. It can send power from the engine to the drive wheels through a series of gears. Its proper function can keep the car working for a long time. If not, disaster can occur if not properly maintained. Many transmission problems may result from the improper maintenance of it. These transmission problems can affect a... [Continue Reading]

The Car Purchasing Minefield

Buying a used car today is similar to Russian roulette, the good and bad all look the same, and without expert knowledge, one can easily end up with a dud! The reasons for this are numerous, mainly that every seller wishes to get the highest price for their vehicle, therefore any imperfection or defect is covered up, or at the very least not highlighted. There are different types of car... [Continue Reading]

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need An Off Road Vehicle

We’ve all seen impressive off-road vehicles on the road and TV. But have you ever wondered how you might benefit from one personally? Ever since the recession in 2009, off road vehicles have been in a slightly declining market. Consumers are worried about running costs, not to mention upfront costs. And so there has been a trailing off in demand. Yet, that doesn’t appear to have... [Continue Reading]

New To Diesel Cars? Here Is What You Need To Know!

Diesel vehicles are a familiar sight in most parts of the world. They offer superior fuel economy and so are brilliant for long-distance driving. There was once a time where people thought of diesel cars as being slow, smelly engines. Today's diesels are efficient and seldom output any smoke. Plus, many high-performance cars come with diesel engines. Audi even made a concept R8 supercar with... [Continue Reading]

Beginner's Guide To Better Fuel Efficiency

Kate Brady Do you ever find yourself looking at your fuel gauge and wondering where it all went? Despite the recent drop in oil prices, petrol and diesel still make up a significant percentage of the costs of running your car. If you want things to change and become more fuel efficient, you need to make some changes. In today’s guide, we’re going to give you some pointers.... [Continue Reading]

The Absolute Basics of Transmission Maintenance

Regular transmission maintenance is needed to keep your car running efficiently and smoothly. A number of services are carried out during routine transmission maintenance to make sure all parts are properly lubricated and in sound and solid form. A lift inspection may show any major trouble, whereas general inspection as well as replacement of filters, fluids and gaskets will show other minor... [Continue Reading]

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