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Which Window Tint to Buy

 Very few of us have ever been entirely satisfied by purchasing a car as-is. Even when that car is brand spanking new, right off the lot, we still have different ideas for upgrades in our minds. New rims and tires, new stereos, and definitely tinted windows! These are the things we think about. Well, in terms of aftermarket upgrades, there is no option that is more popular than having your windows tinted, and perhaps that's because it's one of the easiest.

 Though, it could also be because window tint is one of the most beneficial upgrades you can make. There are a lot of benefits one can experience when they go with a service like for this upgrade. However, you are only going to experience these benefits if you buy the right type of tint. Here is some information on 3M, which is the best tinting option on the market.

Reasons to Only Buy 3M Tint Options

It Does a Much Better Job

 People don't have their windows tinted solely for looks. They go through with having tint placed on because they want to block out the sun, reduce glare, and receive a lot of different benefits from the material. 3M blocks out 99.9% of all UV radiation, and it will reduce the heat caused by the sun by 97%. This is a huge deal, if you're tired of getting into that oven you call a car on a hot summer's day. It also has an SPF rating of over 1,000, so it protects you and your passengers very well.

It's Durable and Holds Up Longer

 There is no other competitor tint on the market that can hold up as well as 3M. We're not saying this stuff is indestructible, but it doesn't get scratched and torn and start pulling away like so many other cheaper varieties of window tint. This is the type of tint you put on your automobile, and it's there permanently. You won't have to redo the job every few years. This is because this material wasn't made to be window tinting in the first place; it was made to protect metal rotor blades against shrapnel. So, to call this stuff tough is an understatement.

It's Easier to Install

 Professionals can pretty much apply any type of tint to your windows without creases and bubbles. That's what they do. However, with 3M tint, the job is just a lot easier. While the tint might be super thin, it's also very stiff, so to speak, and it drapes over the window like no other sort of material. This material is used to coat and protect helicopter blades in war, so it's very rigid and durable like we spoke about above. This means it can be applied much quicker and ultimately cheaper for you to get the job done.

It Looks a Lot Better

 You do not want to purchase tinting for your windows that looks bland, flat and drab. You may have seen this sort of tint out on the roads before. You drive past a car, even in the bright light of day, and you notice their windows just look dark. They're not reflective, they're not bright; they're just dingy. Well, this is what they got by going outside of the 3M brand. The Colour Stable, Crystalline tint offered by 3M just looks amazing. It's shiny and reflective and makes your car look like a million bucks. That's a great benefit.

It Provides Far more Clarity

 3M tint is a very funny thing. You might initially think that since looking at someone's window tinting is really dark and it's hard to see into the car, that it is thus hard to see out. This isn't how it works with 3M, however. It's a question of light, distance and visibility. With this type of tint, drivers and passengers of the car can see out with far more optical clarity, even at night. So it doesn't obstruct the view from inside at all. This is something cheaper tints cannot claim.

 Understand that the 3M company has been the undisputed king of all things like window tinting for decades now. Their applications have been used in the military and can be found all over the globe. There might be quite a few different brands out tint out there on the market to try, but none of them offer as many benefits as the 3M brand.