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Variety of the Car’s Transportation Services

Depending on what exactly you are looking for, there are a great number of the services you may apply for:
Each of them has different costs so it’s up to you to find an appropriate border between the comfort and the price.

Most common car shipping services

Any modern car transportation company tries to have the broadest and most variable range of auto transporting services. The most common are:

-          Terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door transportation of a car. According to the title it’s connected with the origin and final destinations of such a service. Using a company’s terminal to drop off and pick up your vehicle can significantly cut the final price, especially if the Point A and Point B are remote from the cities’ areas. But it may be a little bit inconvenient to drive your car itself for too long plus the insurance covers only the distance between terminals. Door-to-door is more convenient as you don’t need to worry about the delivery itself. But it also may become tricky because of the narrow street or some construction works near the spots;

-          Open and enclosed cars’ transportation. This is fully influenced by your car value and condition. For most traditional cars the open transport fits perfectly as it’s cheap and flexible in the arrangement. But as soon as your car value is more than 100,000 USD (sports, exotic cars), it makes sense to pay extra for a more tailored and attentive service. Within enclosed car transportation your vehicle is protected from almost all possible damages on the way;

-          Lifting of the car. Whichever transportation company you will choose, most probably you will be asked about your car condition. Usually, the vehicle can be driven onto the platform of the truck for the delivery – in this case you will get a better quota. But as it needs any additional tools or mechanisms for loading, it will definitely affect the price. Moreover, not every carrier will even take a car in case it has problems with its brakes, rolls or steers.

The final auto transport price

Beside these services there are a couple of details which always affect the quota for transportation cars.

Insurance is a must for any kind of transportation. Moreover, it has to be included in the quota (at least at the minimum level). It’s very important to check the insurance policy of any particular company you are interested in as some of them may include the coverage of even up to 100,000 USD.

If you want to make your shipping cheaper and can afford to wait, you should know that winter time is the best time to save your money. The demand is not that high and probably you will need to wait a little bit longer, but you can save up to 300 USD in comparison with the high summer season. Better to make an arrangement in advance to help the company to schedule transportation and the routes.

Beside the season, the routes themselves can significantly affect the final price. Autumn is a high-demand period for the North-South destinations which make them cost slightly more than an opposite direction. Transportation to the remote spots also will cause extra miles and hours for the driver and, therefore, extra dollars from your side.

Even the company itself, its reputation and the clients’ network may affect the final price. You should avoid suspiciously cheap offers. Normally, the reason for a low quota is bad conditions of the carrier’s truck. You can also check the reputation and the reviews for the company you are going to use throughout a CDL scan – the website where you can find information about more than 10,000 drivers throughout the whole country.

In case it’s your first practice of choosing a transportation company, it’s highly recommended to consider a few of them from the beginning and to use their customer support service. Most probably, that is how you are, firstly, will gather details about the car’s shipment, secondly, will be able to choose the best customer cars shipping service which is normally a sign of the reliable transporter.

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