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How Much Will I be Compensated After my Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle crash can cause emotional, physical and financial damages. No one wants to be involved in a crash but unfortunately, there are some factors that can cause one to have a crash, even if they are careful drivers. A crash can be caused by a bike malfunction or another driver.The victims do not only need to recover physically and emotionally, but financially as well because they will incur unexpected hospital bills. Major injuries a victim can get include head injuries, leg injuries, road rash, spinal cord injuries and thorax injuries. Some causes of these crashes are reckless driving, lane splitting, bad traffic conditions and bad weather conditions. Victims who want to file for motorcycle accident compensation can do so with the help of knowledgeable lawyers who have extensive experience in these cases. The losses incurred after the crash are calculated based on the costs of repairing the bike, cost of occupational therapy, mental and physical stress endured, as well as the following:

The severity of your injuries
Crashes often cause severe injuries to victims. The extent of physical harm sustained is often calculated by the current hospital bills incurred and the future medical bills which will be assessed, determined, and factored into the recovery amount.

Lost wages
The worth of the claim will also be determined by lost wages you incurred for missing work after sustaining injuries. If an injured party has suffered career-ending injuries such as spinal cord injuries, they may be able to recover lifetime earnings from the negligent and liable party. If you are unable to carry out some work tasks because of the injuries, you can get payment for diminished earning capacity.

Pain and suffering you have endured
The victims usually suffer from emotional trauma, physical pain and PTSD on a daily basis. The settlement amount will be determined by how much suffering the injured party endured because of another person’s carelessness and negligence which caused the accident.

Punitive damages
The victim can also get reimbursed for punitive damages, which will be added on top of non-economic and economic damages. Punitive damages are filed where the defendant acted in a very reckless manner and intentional wanton. These damages are awarded to discourage any similar occurrences in future.

Extra expenditures
You can file a claim for expenses incurred from your injuries such as travelling fare for doctor’s appointments, therapy or rehabilitation services. You can also recover the money used on assistive devices, accessibility improvements in your home and any other expense you couldn’t have incurred if you didn’t have the accident.

The amount of reimbursement you will get for damages incurred from the crash will largely depend on main factors such as current and future medical bills incurred, pain and suffering you have endured and extra expenses incurred. Lost wages, severity of your injuries and punitive damages will also affect the amount you will receive. To avoid financial stress and burden, you should file for compensation. If you have sustained injuries in a bike crash, you should call an attorney immediately to get fair reimbursement as soon as possible.